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Freelance Transcription Jobs ADVICE!!!!

I turned to livejournal because I've been a member for years and other community postings on other topics have actually been quite helpful. So...

I am a freelance TV production person...I work in post production and I have been working at the same place for over a year now, but of course things are slowing down and my contract is coming to a close (but they should have more work for me come springtime). I am looking for something to take a bit of a break but that uses my skills. I type about 70 WPM and have transcribed before (mainly field tapes and interviews not medical transcription). I can do medical transcription but I don't know if I could land one of those gigs since they tend to want people with previous medical experience.

When I googled freelance transcription jobs, a lot of what came up were sites that you have to pay money to join to have access to the jobs. I am willing to do this, but I don't want to be scammed and I don't want there to be a situation where I have to complete a certain amount/lots of weird strings attached. (Although I will be able to do it full time from home). My question is:
Can anyone recommend a good site or company that I can possibly get freelance/work at home transcription jobs from? One that is reliable and not a scam, or that you have experience with?

Any info would be helpful! Of course contacting local production companies and things are already on my list ( a field I already work in that has a need for transcriptionists) but any advice on this topic would be helpful.

Thank you!

Sign up for Free!
The company I am building my independent business through is FREE until the end of the year! It's usually $40 to start but we are so overflowed right now with customers we need a lot more people! For more info just msg me or visit www.beachbody.com/coachlinds. Team Beachbody is the company that distributes exercise programs like P90X and Insanity and you get 25% commission for customers who buy from ur site. At 50k customers a week with only a few thousand coaches, that adds up. I mean if you're going to lose weight and be healthy, why not get paid for it?

There's income and flexibility out there!
I started to work with arise virtual solutions a few months ago. I take inbound calls so there is no cold calling, plus I get to work the hours that I want. Of couse, there is a minimum of hours I need to service per week (usually 20 hours or more) but hey nothing beats picking when I should be working (pretty convenient when you have two young kids...).

Check them out at arise.com and to check they are legit simply go to Arise in the News on their site. I know times are hard and any little bit can help so I am sharing this to every one... By the way I was told they were adding like 6,000 professionals by the end of the year. At least this company is hiring...

Ping me if any questions! God bless, Joan

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Dan/Jessie BB10
 Are there any LEGIT secret shopper sites? (As in, you personally or someone you know has done them and gotten money?)

Easy extra cash from home
Hello, I am a stay at home mom who has become dedicated to finding the right combination of online programs to earn some extra money from home without having to pay for them. I decided to start this quest so that I could stay home with my daughter who we decided to home school as she has some special needs that are better dealt with at home. Over the past year I have been working with quite a few sites most turned out to be a big waste of time. In my search I came across a few decent programs and thought I would share my experience with others. I have a website that explains each program I have worked with which can be viewed here.


I have also been recently working with another site http://www.dollarsurveys.net where you can take surveys whenever you want mostly for a dollar which is paid directly into your PayPal within about a week. There is no signing up with this site just do surveys when ever you want which is kind of nice. Hope to see you all trying some of the sites I have been using soon. It doesn't take much to earn money at home just a little patience and effort.

Trying to start working at home.
Hi, I'm Kristina.

Currently unemployed, but looking to start a work at home business. I'm looking at starting a Virtual Assisting business, and selling Avon & Mark products. What are my other options for starting a work at home business?? I would like to be a work at home mom, as my husband and I are trying to conceive our first baby.

Can anyone help or give ideas or websites that will help me out?

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Do you want a job worth having? Are you looking for a better future? Come join my team of Toy Divaz and make you wildest dreams come true. I have my own business with Passion Parties. We are dedicated to improving relationships through in-home presentations of our sensual products and empowering women everywhere. There is no experience needed, all training is provided, unlimited income, unlimited opportunities. Owning your very own business has tremendous benefits! I know a lot of women are struggling financially, so if you are one of those women but you really want to become a consultant, let me know and we can work something out. I'll help you get started as soon as possible!

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